FURRY SHAKESPEARE, and 2019 Plans.

Posted by: Bryy Miller on steam_community_announcements February 22, 2019


You thought that it couldn't be done. The immortal works of William Shakespeare together at last with Furries.

Not really a sequel to Paper Shakespeare: To Date Or Not To Date? as much as a side adventure in a different Shakespeare dimension.

2019 Plans

We had some plans for this year that got derailed, so without going too much into it, we're going to be doing pretty much what we did last year with some smaller products.

This is....

The Year of the Furry Shakespeare Dating Sim/Other Genre Game.

Expect a few other announcements next month, plus a few Paper Shakespeare games.

I would have liked to announce our next two games together, but the other one is taking some time to cook before we put up a store page.
Super Army of Tentacles 3: The Search for Army of Tentacles 2: Black GOAT of the Woods Edition

In this special, awesome Game of All Time Edition of the second Army of Tentacles game (wow, that's a start to a sentence if I ever saw one), fight more monster, save more worlds, gain more allies, and do more RPG stuff!

Developer: Stegalosaurus Game Development

Publisher: Stegalosaurus Game Development