Patch Notes: Early Access Build - 0.12EB

Posted by: JoshP on steam_community_announcements February 16, 2019

2/16/2019 - [Early Access Build] - 0.12 EB


  • Added option to set default POV to Third Person rather than First Person
  • Removed POV defaulting to Third Person if you choose Fortnite or other Third Person POV games
    Instead this settings is now controlled under Options -> Graphics

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where incorrect weapon model would show up for most weapons in 3rd Person POV

  • Fixed positioning of weapons in 3rd Person POV
  • Fixed muzzle flash and bullet spawn locations in 3rd Person POV
  • Fixed bug that caused targets to flicker in tracking tasks when in 3rd Person POV
    Fixed bug that caused perspective to toggle to First/Third Person when pressing V while the ESC menu is up


  • WIP shots of holobody for people who still want to see their gun model but have trouble detecting targets that spawn behind the models.

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