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Posted by: Aggroblakh on steam_community_announcements February 15, 2019

Hi all,

Most of the work this week was getting forest tiles in the game, which in turn necessitated a re-scaling of buildings. I also had to rewrite the plane upgrade logic into a form that made more sense. Long story short, this update is really more about refining and expanding what's already in the game rather than adding wholesale new features.


  • Fixed bug in which selected units that were sent on leave would remain selected when they were recalled.
  • Fixed bug in which enemy AI was too lenient towards retreating units, causing situations in which opposing units would not attack each other even when on the same tile.
  • Re-tweaked the scale of buildings to be more realistic. I've been working on forest terrain, which really made it clear how messed up the scale of buildings still was.
  • Tweaked the plane upgrade mechanic. Instead of upgrading each plane individually, each tier of plane is a single upgrade. Your next monthly supply of planes will then be of the newer models. Additionally, replacement pilots will automatically be equipped with the newest model available.
  • Fixed errors with pilot highlights in Air Activity Screen, whereby units previously selected/highlighted would remain so even when selecting a different pilot.
  • You can now rename your units. Several of you have asked for this feature to facilitate organization of units.

  • Bug in which the Order of Battle never properly refreshed the current actions of each unit has been fixed.

Thanks for playing!

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