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Version 2.2 – Cuteness Over Quantity

Posted by: sjgreys on steam_community_announcements February 12, 2019

Hi everyone, we're back with another major update!

For this one we focused primarily on improving the visuals and audio of the game to bring a more pleasing experience to the eyes and the ears.

Of course, most of the time went into getting the perfect balancing between recipes, weather, and frequency of game-play, as well as popularity increasing/decreasing so progression in the game feels much better - thanks to community feedback, and our youtubers/streamers.

We feel that the game is in a much better place now; however, like any game (especially a first), we may have missed a few things - we're tiny and need more testers...if you're interested please email about this, or any other feedback at:

[email protected]

Version 2.2

Visual Improvements:

  • The 'buy counts' from the customers now jump out, and bounce, and are more easily to see against the background.
  • Umbrellas now close upon customers entering the canopy, or the atrium, and water will fly out.
  • Stormy days now come with lightning flashes, accompanied by thunder.
  • Random cars will drive-by.
  • We've added a cat that walks between the windows in the house.
  • Customers wear coats on cold days.
  • And of course, the bonus hearts and other changes from v1.8 (technically a part of this major update).


  • Bugs that prevented variations in recipes based on the weather have been fixed.
  • Gear now behaves differently, canceling out rainy/snowy days negative effects, and only reducing the storm/blizzard days.
  • Customers spawn rate has been drastically increased, and popularity increasing has be re-balanced so that progression is stretched out.
  • You must now get two aspects of a recipe right, as opposed to one, for a customer to purchase a cup, making it more challenging, and requiring more accuracy.
  • Deliveries now have higher order counts based on popularity, giving more purpose to them.


  • Shop Menu interaction is now more convenient
  • Various other balancing and bug fixes

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