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Posted by: blindfoId on steam_community_announcements February 11, 2019

From February 11 through February 20, you will have a great chance to seize 16 supply crates with a chance to receive improved equipment, consumables, ammunition, gold, days of Premium Account, Free XP, and Hangar slots!

You will also get 5 exclusive pilots with unique skills that will make fighting on your favorite aircraft even more enjoyable!

This package contains:

  • x16 supply crates


  • Mary Loveheart

    (trained for P-47В) with 7 skill points (5 unique + 2 free)
  • Charlotte von Staufen

    (trained for BF 110 E) with 7 skill points (4 unique + 3 free)
  • Marina Litvyakova

    (trained for IL-2 (two-seat)) with 7 skill points (5 unique + 2 free)
  • Charles Donovan

    (trained for Spitfire Mk Ia) with 7 skill points (5 unique + 2 free)
  • Hans Weber

    (trained for Bf 109E-3) with 7 skill points (5 unique + 2 free)


You will receive pilots after your first fight.

The bundle items that come as a gift will not be compensated.

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