Urban Tale New Gameplay Trailer

Posted by: PIKSLI.COM on steam_community_announcements February 11, 2019

We have been working for some time on our new gameplay trailer, and you can check it out now!


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Sneak peak: Airport

Urban Tale - February 5, 2019

This is the current look of the airport. Idea was to make it as realistic as possible, so the player would have a feeling of actually being there. Later on, once the game is out, you will be able to hear that we have added the background sounds/noise that you hear on the airport (people talking, walking all around, workers talking on the speaker etc.)

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Urban Tale

Urban Tale is a realistic, vibrant and unique RPG that will allow you to fulfil your dreams, and pursue your most wanted goals in life. You start from scratch, having nothing in the big city where you can meet a lot of people, that can help you throughout your adventure. Your goal is to survive and succeed in life.

Developer: PIKSLI.COM

Publisher: PIKSLI.COM