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Update 1.5b released

Posted by: WEB Gaming Entertainment on steam_community_announcements February 11, 2019

Update Notes for Patch 1.5b - February 10, 2019

  • We implemented our tutorials system in the game. For this update, the building tutorial is currently available. Over the next few days, we intend to have all 4 available which will include the object placement, employee management and product creation tutorials. Time constraints and added complexity has extended the time required to complete this tutorial project. The good news is that the most complex portion is completed, and we can simply focus on adding tutorial content. Building the system from the ground up was much more of an undertaking than expected.

    Additionally, we want to make sure that we take out time and really flesh out the tutorials so that getting into the game can be much easier for new comers and current players alike. So far we are heading into week 3 working on the tutorials, but we feel that it will be really good to add to the foundation of the game before we start adding new content. Thanks for your patience!

  • We fixed a bug where doors hinges were in the center. Doors should now once again hinge on the corner.
  • We fixed some wall placement bugs where single walls would not spawn when placing in certain locations. Note: there are few more lingering issues that we intend to tackle this week.

Update Schedule

  • We will focus on completing the tutorial set this week.
  • Next week, we will publish our update list going into the Month of March.

Please remember you can join us on Discord to report bugs, provide feedback and more using this link: Throughout early access we will be taking your feedback and bug reports which will help us prioritize the most important features and bugs that need prompt attention

Thanks for your continued patience and support during Early Access!

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Hotfix v1.9.7

Tech Executive Tycoon - April 18, 2020

Fixed another game breaking bug where it would cause the game to freeze and close to desktop.

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