Pre-Release Notes

Posted by: jadedresearcher on steam_community_announcements February 11, 2019

Alright, so last minute fixes before the early access release:

We have 8 achievements wired up. I feel really good about this, cuz it actually took like two entire weeks to decipher the ancient runes and do the necessary spells (and I STILL can't get stats working).

Meanwhile I did several polish/fix passes for LOHAE.

Once we actually hit RELEASE DATE I'll go back to fleshing out LOMAT's tombstone builder, and then i'll mess around with seeing if I can get Tyranno Builder output working for the Afterlife Mechanic.

I have all sorts of ideas of how I want achievements to work in LOMAT, and some of the future lands will have even weirder mechanics :) :) :)

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LOMAT Proof of Concept is Live

Farragnarok - July 8, 2019

LOMAT is the second game in farragnarok, and is an Oregon Trail homage where you play a psychopomp ferrying the souls of the dead, with themes of absence, irrelevancy, and mystery.

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Farragnarok's first land, LOHAE is a peaceful tree growing idle game, at first. Most of the game happens underground, and it can take players hours to realize that while they have been growing trees on the surface, something sinister is happening in the roots.

Developer: Farrago Fiction

Publisher: Farrago Fiction