Patch Notes: Early Access Build - 0.11EB

Posted by: JoshP on steam_community_announcements February 9, 2019

2/8/2019 - [Early Access Build] - 0.11 EB

New Features

  • Lefty's rejoice! Added option to display weapon models on left side rather than right

  • Swapped in new 3rd person Player model

  • New enemy AI model has replaced generic soldier model in Freeplay

  • Several improvements made to full body enemy AI
  • Enemy AI may now seek cover when in combat
  • Enemy AI are generally more "intelligent" and should do less dumb goofy things....(should)
  • Enemy impact FX have been completely redone and are more responsive
  • Landing shots can now stagger enemies

  • Enemy AI hitboxes have been improved to be 1:1 with the enemy mesh

  • Rather than just follow the player, enemy AI will now often times try to create space and angles to land shots

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused Discord screenshots to fail
    Fixed bug that caused Shotguns to swap to Cryoblaster when pressing R to reload
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