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Test NEW features | Public Beta

Posted by: Raintek on steam_community_announcements February 9, 2019

Hello everyone,
Today we are officially releasing a public beta for everyone who wants to try new features earlier and help us find bugs before live version.

We hope that thanks to the beta tests of new features - we will be able to eliminate minor bugs or implement proper changes and/or adjustment.

BETA Changelog:

  • New trophy view for fish with weight over 5 kg,
  • Ability to sell/release fish in catch summary screen,
  • Changed wels model (2k textures, more bones, additional animations),

How to turn on beta?

  1. Right-click on Professional Fishing,
  2. Choose properties,
  3. Enter "BETAS" tab,
  4. Choose from drop-down list "beta-public",
  5. Press "Ok", download the build.

BETA Feedback

As always we want to ask for your feedback. You can send bug reports through an in-game reporter or post them at steam subforum:

New Trophy view

Today we are releasing a beta version of 3rd person trophy view. It is a long awaited feature and will allow us to reflect the correct appearance (scale) of the fish.

New interface

As we mentioned in the last "What's Next" diary, our team is working on a new user interface. So let's take a look in the store:

Remember! Everything that what you will see here is work-in-progress footage. This will/may change with a final release.

Kind Regards,
RafaƂ - Project Manager in Ultimate Games S.A.

Professional Fishing

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