Tennis (update 0.8.16)

Posted by: Shoujo City on steam_community_announcements February 8, 2019

☆ Tennis (sports and dating activity)

Tennis court in the school map now can be used to play a tennis mini-game with your girlfriend. Tennis rackets can be obtained in the gym storage (you’ll need just one). Since accurate tennis mechanics requiring intercepting high-speed balls on the fly would be impossible to implement using current game engine, the rules are simplified: both players have a task of keeping the ball on the opposite side of the court during a 90 seconds match.

Scores awarded after completing the mini-game depend on your girlfriend’s personality. If she is into sports, she will love challenge, so you should try to win for best scores. If she is not into sports, you should try to lose on intention to avoid disappointing her.

Tennis mini-game is also available in pillow dating mode, giving the same scores.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • A new overlay shader for higher quality road and ground markings (all roads, tennis court, gym, sports field, pool).
  • Fixed a few minor navigation issues (Summer Town and school maps).
  • Fixed a minor water gun operation issue (when used on the run under rain).
  • Basket ball (school map) and beach ball (Summer Town map) now can be carried and thrown (similar to swimrings), bounce, and have a component for floating (if placed in water). New body animation for throwing balls.
  • Hitting your girlfriend with a tennis racket or water gun will now cancel her “kiss” mood (if present).

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Update 0.9.8

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Now in addition to skills, you’ll get school grades after completing tasks during classes (Math, Japanese, and P.E.). Grades will accumulate during a week and get reset in the beginning of next week. To check your current grades, interact with chalkboard in the school (near entrance lockers).

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