General Issue Fix v0.958

Posted by: tino on steam_community_announcements February 8, 2019

  • Fixed a problem where a ‘Common’ card did not appear in battle rewards
  • The probability of acquiring items in 'Normal Battle' rewards is increased. Skill Points 1 Always Acquired
  • Skill points earned as rewards in the ‘Elite Battle’ before the 7th Stage have been reduced by 1
  • Reduced chance of items appearing in ‘Elite Battle’ rewards
  • Increased chance of ‘Rare’ cards as a reward for normal combat
  • Modified to make only one monster appear in the 2nd stage of 1st chapter

  • Add score information: Click to check battle time during game
  • Fixed an issue where scores were applied to the stage where the stage was cleared
  • ‘Event DB’ and ‘Start Bonus’ If you have a specific card in your selection, you can check the card information by hovering the mouse.
  • Character message exposure length increased
  • Fixed to improve readability of all tool-tips
  • Fixed an issue where tool-tips on enemy actions were exposed to the wrong location
  • Tool-tips for buffs removed from exposed tool-tips when hovering over enemies
  • Modified to reflect score lost or abandoned in the rank
  • Some text errors fixed
  • Helena’s Adjusting to Loneliness: Fixed an issue where invalid tool-tips were exposed


General Issue Fix v0.972(04-16-2019)

NEOVERSE - April 16, 2019

Hunter mode: 'Rank' has been modified to display correctly.

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