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New Story Mission!

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements February 4, 2019

Hey guys - another "quick" update - a new story mission has been added.

As the game goes towards the end of the "main story" - story missions will tend to involve more work on my part.

I tend to be a more more dramatic/visual with the mission (story telling through action). I've added several new ships and new weapon types to support the story. I've added a new mechanic to again support the story and change the dynamics of the game world in relation to the story.

Speaking of the new mechanic... It's a pretty simple add - but in testing I see that it will require me to work a bunch on "Overworld combat" - how ships fight with other ships in Overworld - mathematically. This was on my list - so it's actually good that I've waited to work on this some more before the update as now I've got a pretty clear issue to resolve.

What's next?

As I've focused on the new story mission I've ignored a few minor bugs, so I'll work on those next. After that I should be able to quickly release a few more story missions as they will tend to be far more focused on combat rather than story telling. After that - I hope to work on carriers and after that finish the story and have a fairly short Beta phase and head on to release!

As always thank you for the incredible support, comments, feedback, criticism, reviews you guys have given me and the project.

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