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What's Next? #2 | New UI, trophy view and fish scale

Posted by: Raintek on steam_community_announcements February 5, 2019

Good morning everyone,
I hope you have a bad mood because I've some good news for you :)

Our small team works in the sweat of their foreheads to introduce profound patches and new features to Professional Fishing. What? I will talk about some of them below :)

Remember! Everything that what you will see here is work-in-progress footage.

New user interface (UI)

Since the game launch, many people have complained about the quality and readability of the GUI in the game. We have never denied that it is good, on the contrary - we said you were right. Our small team has found some time and is working on a completely new UI.

What are its assumptions?

Simple - Readable - Functional

I wonder what it will look like? Here's a small preview :)

Tell us how do you like it!

Fish scale

We have already mentioned this recently and would like to inform you that the changes are going very smoothly. We try to adjust the size of the fish in relation to the player's form based on real pictures of fish and fishermen in reality.

We hope you will enjoy the final result.

With the new scaling of fish, many of them will be 'huge' which will require a new view of the trophy (from a different perspective). More about it below :)

Trophy view

Many people - including us, wanted to introduce large (really huge!) fish that will delight players with their size. Due to having only one trophy view (fish) - from the first person perspective, it was hard for players to enjoy the view of huge honkers!

We finally decided to implement this idea and we started working on the view of the trophy from a different perspective. Below you will find a screenshot.

Reminder: that what you see is work-in-progress footage.

When can you expect new updates?

This is probably the most difficult question. As I mentioned before, the whole team works in the sweat of their brows. Both UI and Trophy View require a lot of work, which translates into huge amounts of time.

  • UI ETA - end of February / March
  • Trophy View ETA - end of February
  • Fish scale - end of February

*ETA - estimated/expected time of arrival

What do you think about upcoming features and changes? Write in the comments!

Kind Regards,
RafaƂ - Project Manager in Ultimate Games S.A.
Professional Fishing

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