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February 4th DLC "GROOVE MASTER Pack 02" Now On Sale!

Posted by: degicagames on steam_community_announcements February 5, 2019

Groove Coaster fans, we have the 2nd GROOVE MASTER DLC pack ready for those nimble fingers of yours!

We have a total of 4 DLC songs in this DLC pack, details following below. As always the songs can be bought as single DLC for $1.99 or can be purchased as a 4 song DLC Pack at 20% off!


  • Jukusei Jozo Hakkoseiā—ˇ-Space Yogurt Earth- / MOSAIC.WAV
  • Little Higher / nora2r
  • Stratospheric Journey / D.watt (IOSYS)
Groove Coaster

Riding the rhythmic rails of success from smart phone, into the arcades, now GROOVE COASTER arrives on Steam! Are you ready to ride a roller coaster of sound and light through a universe of music?

Developer: TAITO CORP.

Publisher: Degica,TAITO CORP.