Over the Western Front

Posted by: Aggroblakh on steam_community_announcements February 4, 2019

Hi all,

Decided to focus a bit on the Aerodrome this week, as I've been neglecting it recently.


  • Pilots now have traits, just like officers.
  • Pilot balance has been tweaked, so that really good pilots are harder to shoot down, and lower-stat pilots are easier to shoot down. I believe this actually reflects real life a lot better.
  • Following from above, monthly pilot regeneration rate has been increased to compensate for the fact that you will probably be losing more pilots.
  • Pilots now have personal stats, like flight time, number of sorties, number of kills, etc. This is all "flavour" for the moment, but provides a solid base with which to flesh out the individuality of pilots. Feel free to suggest anything else that needs to be tracked.
  • Officers also have personal stats. They're self-explanatory, except for raids. Company commanders will be given credit for a raid when one of the platoons under their command returns with prisoners in tow.
  • Pilots now can develop an affinity for a certain model of plane, causing a temporary penalty when changing planes. This penalty is less than the gains you receive from the new plane, but is still something that needs to be taken into account when upgrading. The greater a pilot's affinity for a certain model, the longer the penalty lasts when changing.
  • I wasn't happy with the rate of wiring that the enemy AI does, as it seemed unrealistically low. Thanks to better optimization of the game in recent weeks, I've been able to tweak the AI so that it lays far more wire than it used to.
  • Fixed potential crash if units were withdrawn as the enemy AI was attempting to target them for bombardments.
  • Fixed bug with supply units randomizing their load type instead of keeping the one they originally had if they return to supply depots automatically.
  • Pilots shot down weren't being properly displayed or tracked, which in turn wasn't updating the number of pilots or planes properly. This should now be fixed.
  • Supply units could restock gas shells without having either gas upgrade unlocked, but this has been fixed.

Thanks for playing!

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On The Western Front

January, 1915. The Race to the Sea is over. The Great War has just begun. You are the commander of a single division in the meat grinder that is the Western Front. Lead your men over the top as you attempt to break the stalemate that is to claim the lives of millions over the course of years.

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