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Let's Play Latte Stand Tycoon!

Posted by: sjgreys on steam_community_announcements January 31, 2019

Hi everyone!!

Things have been heating up for our little tycoon game as more and more players join in on the casual fun.

We’ve had the pleasure of some live stream plays via twitch (with a live one starting shortly!), as well as some lovely Youtubers who got in on the action - all to give you a closer look at the game-play found within Latte Stand Tycoon.

For those of you struggling to mix the perfect recipe, or even those who simply want a closer look before jumping in, you can find all the above here:


Unknown King 7 - Part 1
Unknown King 7 - Part 2



RuneSnow Game-play Part 1

RuneSnow Game-play Part 2


Other Latte Stand Tycoon News

Latte Stand Tycoon+ Soon on Steam!

Latte Stand Tycoon - December 2, 2019

Use your barista skills and reflexes to mix the perfect latte and rebuild your family home and cafe to their former glory.

Further Back

Latte Stand Tycoon v2.1 January 29, 2019

Broken Upgrades Hot Fix 1/27/19 January 27, 2019

Latte Stand Tycoon 2.0 Launch Update January 14, 2019

More News

Latte Stand Tycoon

Come, join Maya and Mia as they attempt to restore an old family home, and assimilate into the town of Falling Leaves as you learn to mix the perfect latte to fit the ever-changing weather. Can you become a master barista, and change the mood of an ever-gloomy town?

Developer: Inner Realm Studios

Publisher: GrabTheGames