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Posted by: WEB Gaming Entertainment on steam_community_announcements January 31, 2019

Information regarding the next Update

Hello everyone, as with last week's big update requiring two weeks of development time, the same will happen for this upcoming update.

The upcoming update will have the improvements, additions listed below and more. As a result and given the amount and scope of the content being worked on, this will take a bit more time than a single week. The biggest portions are the inclusion of 4 full tutorials for the primary processes in the game so far today.

Following this update, we will get back to the smaller, weekly content updates. However, depending on the scope of content being added, fixed or improved, we will take a week by week approach to confirming the time table for each update. These past two have been considerable in size and scope which as you have noticed--led to a two-week update window instead of one. As always thanks for your patience and please see the details of the next update below

  • Tutorials

    • Build Mode
    • Object Placement
    • Employee Management
    • Product Creation/management

  • Bug fixes

  • Time permitting, more UI updates.

As always, please continue to provide any feedback and bug reports as you run into them. Thanks in advance!

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