Major Update v0.956

Posted by: tino on steam_community_announcements February 1, 2019

  • Added the function to select the starting deck.

  • Data Store to always be available except battle

  • Added enemy special action notification function

  • Some text issues fixed (Thanks BlueMaN!)

Character Card Balance
Since many cards are changed, we recommend starting new game.


  • ‘Shooting’ cards are upgraded
  • Some ‘Radioactivity’ cards are adjusted
  • Mana acquisition cards are adjusted
  • 0 Cost cards are downgraded overall

List of cards adjusted

Upgraded Magazine, Readjust, Reserve Shot, Radioactive Shot, Throw Radiation, Recharge, Steroid, Warning Shot, Cut, Radioactive Magazine, Radioactive Attack, Amplify Radioactivity, Sharp Blade, Boosted Attack, Evacuate, Constant Attack, Armor Acceleration, Remove Casings, Modify Tactics, Intensive Care, Tactical Orders


  • Attack cards are upgraded
  • Certain ‘Punishment’ cards are upgraded
  • Some ‘Vampiric State’ related cards are adjusted

List of cards adjusted

Powerful Strike, Holy Strike, Evangelism, Preparer, Planned Prayer, Tithe, Whisper of Evil, Oath of Blood, Betrayal. Physics, Holy Armor, Almighty, Consecrate, Aura of Blood, Bloody Battle, Feast, Firm Prayer


  • The Guardians’ ability is upgraded.
  • Upgraded cards associated with Guardians
  • Some cards related to ‘Alone’ are adjusted

List of cards adjusted

My Master, Harmony, Independent Training, Rotation Attack, Accumulated Fatigue, Strong Feather, Aura of the Fire Dragon, Beastify, Plumed Feather, Wisdom of the Griffin, Force of the Lion, Soul Wall, Result of Training, Swift Wings, Roar of Lion, Dragon Scale, For the Master, Documented History, Sharp Claws, Secure Command, Own Effort, Critical Bite, Earthen Aura, Prepared Guardian, Order Attack, Swing, Fresh Sweep, Arranged Meeting, Repetitive Training, Training Camp, Safe Start, Badger Game, Multiple Orders, Release Power, Honed Leash, Adjusting to Loneliness, Dragon Mother, Change Tactics, Stand Alone, Perfect Preparation

Cards Fixed Bug
Release, Recycle

List of Common Cards adjusted

Circulator, Attempt Escape, Overcome Crisis, Fresh Start, Immunizing Agent, Jab Jab, Bless, Slayer's Chainsaw, Mission Impossible, Emergency Escape Device

Modify some skill balances

  • Naya: Pandora, Radiator, Heat Tolerance
  • Claire: Windfall, Generous Judgment, Stress Relief, Bring it!, Health Care, Armor Research, Mind Development, Overwhelming Vengeance, Final Wish
  • Helena: Order Compliance, Strong Communion, Overwhelming Command, Rage of Beast, Trim Whip
  • Common: Stabilizer, Upgraded Shield Suit, Upgraded Force Suit, Multiple Arithmetics


Neoverse is a beautiful, fantastic game consisting of adventures with thrilling challenges. It is a strategic, action, rogue-lite, deck building game that will test the player’s skill. Start an adventure with unique heroes to save the world along various timelines.

Developer: Tinogames Inc.

Publisher: Tinogames Inc.