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Better Late Than Never – Astrobase Command Dev Update – January 28th 2019

Posted by: Jellyfish Games on steam_community_announcements January 29, 2019

Hi Everybody!

Last weeks late blog post is here!
We skipped the previous week’s blog post because we spent a lot of our time in planning meetings to figure out how to best take the next big steps in Astrobase Command.

We did however have enough time to put out a couple of patches to the alpha testers, who were given that news directly in the alpha channel on discord and on the itch forums.
Here’s the patch notes:

Astrobase Command 0.3.3 Closed Alpha Patch Notes

– Loading saves with missions in progress should no longer cause missions to break.
– Nebulae fallback/safe mode added. This will allow everyone to play the game without crashing their GPU driver in cases of older GPUs.

Astrobase Command 0.3.4 Closed Alpha Patch Notes

– Teleporters have been added to the Astrobase!
– The wheel when setting the Median Species Appearance in the Species Creation should be easier to interact with.
– Your crew should now start with someone who has the physics skill.
– You should no longer start with a reactor that is too hard for your crew to possibly manage.

Since the end of our planning sessions we’ve gotten back to work full time again, here’s what we’ve been up to;

Daniel (@Polygonatron)

Hi Guys!
I’ve been working on the wrapping up of the safe mode for nebulae and getting the effects for teleporters in. Also I’ve been working on the Uniform customization with Cam, there I’ve created four default uniform Sets for the player to choose from as well as created the UI for handling it as well as a way for the player to create custom uniforms for their species.

Dave (@dave_volition)

Hey Everyone,
Recently I went through what new notices we want to put into the game to help inform you what’s going on, and also characters doing things with (and to) each other depending on their relationship status.


Hey Guys,
I’ve been working with Daniel to get the new uniform sets and custom uniforms in after finishing up the teleporters and safe nebulae.
Astrobase Command

As the invisible administrative hand of an Astrobase in a forgotten corner of the universe, your crew depend on you for their survival.

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