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Broken Upgrades Hot Fix 1/27/19

Posted by: sjgreys on steam_community_announcements January 27, 2019

Hi all!

Firstly, thank you everyone for the feedback, we have already gotten the opportunity to improve the game for you guys with it, and look forward to polishing it up even more as we go on!

The problem:

It was brought to our attention that we missed a major bug - one that totally breaks the game - but good news, it's been squashed, and the update is already out!

It was a silly mistake, caused by charging you guys for a more expensive upgrade - technically what was happening is we leveled up your stands, and then charged you for the "next" levels price...a simple fix, but a terrible bug.

The solution:

For those affected by this bug and went into the negatives money-wise, this hot fix will also remedy this by rewarding you with $1000 (in-game of course) once you update and open the game back up, so you can continue playing without requiring a restart.

We sincerely apologize for this mistake, and we are doing some hard testing on all upgrades and purchased tonight, and will make sure nothing like this happens.

Thanks again! We love you guys, and want to bring the best of the best to you!

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