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Posted by: Aggroblakh on steam_community_announcements January 28, 2019

Hi all,

Implemented a bunch of new things based on suggestions and requests, as well as fixing some rather serious bugs with the underground component of the game.


  • Fixed issue in which underground units sent on leave would go through the ground rather than returning to the surface.
  • Building mines was broken when I added the separate Build Mode. This has now been fixed.
  • Commander traits now refresh properly when units move in and out of company command range.
  • You can now view the status of units in reserve. Selecting the top-level reserve unit in the Headquarters screen will cause a new button to appear.

  • Front-line units are no longer randomized at the start, allowing platoons to start near their company commanders. This should reduce the amount of initial micromanagement when starting a new game.
  • Units in reserve now will also treat wounded men.
  • The target selection list that appeared when using "Attack Unit" was not resizing properly when the name of a target unit was too long, causing the button to bleed out of bounds. This has been fixed for both fonts.
  • Changed the icon for AOE orders like "Suppress Area" and "Watch Duty" into a different icon, so it's easier to tell when you're actually in one of these modes.
  • Commander selection used to only show unassigned commanders. Now there it is possible to toggle unassigned commanders or all, allowing you to simply trade officers instead of having to unassign and reassign in two distinct steps.

Lastly, because I added a bunch of information to officers that needs to be saved when saving the game, your old/current saves are now broken. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for playing!

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I hope you're having a nice holiday. I've reworked the reinforcement/fortification mechanic this week, as I wasn't really satisfied with the pointlessness of it as it previously was.

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