(BIG) Game Update | 26-01-2019

Posted by: Raintek on steam_community_announcements January 26, 2019

Hello everyone,
today we are releasing our first big update containing a new map, few new fish species, new equipment, and a few bug fixes.

In this update, we focused on players feedback regarding fish species in USA map - more accurately - on the bass species (we should change species on old USA map soon). Together with them, we are also releasing casting rods and reels* (*we will add more of them next week).

About Bass Marshland

Bass Marshland is a vast swamp, located in North America. A characteristic feature for them is that without a boat you can not move between islands, so if you can't swim - better don't go here. In Bass Marshland you'll find many bass species, including peacock bass, striped bass, crappie and much more. Rumors say that the largest Striped had 57 kg!


Version: 1.0.18

Added / New:

  • New map - Bass Marshland,
  • New fish species:

    • Pumpkinseed
    • Bluegill
    • Black crappie
    • White crappie
    • Peacock bass
    • Smallmouth bass
    • Striped bass
    • Brook trout

  • New rods:

    • Sakura© ICONIC Casting 661 M
    • Sakura© Ryokan Casting 662 MH
    • Sakura© Ryokan Casting 632 SJ
    • Sakura© Ryokan Casting 742 HX


    • Sakura© Tsubaki TSS 532 UL
    • Sakura© Tsubaki TSS 602 L
    • Sakura© Tsubaki TSS 732 ML+

  • New reels:

    • PowerReel's© Multi Cast S
    • PowerReel's© Multi Cast M
    • PowerReel's© Multi Cast L
    • PowerReel's© Multi Cast XL


  • Changed rods prices,
  • Changed rods levels,


  • Fixed game stuttering,
  • Fixed game tearing,
  • Fixed natural baits:

    • Fly
    • Dragonfly
    • Grasshopper
    • Green pea


  • Small performance improvements,

Short notice

We tried to test this update as accurately as possible. We detected some serious problems prematurely which caused the update to be delayed. Unfortunately, models of casting reels from Sakura have not been introduced into the game, but we should add them next week.

Reminder - Customer support

Not everyone still knows that Professional Fishing has a special page where you can set up tickets for customer support. If you have a problem with the game, the problem with payments in the game - just create a ticket there.


Important! Remember to provide a link to your steam account.

Kind Regards,
Rafał - Project Manager in Ultimate Games S.A.
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