General Issue Fix v0.953

Posted by: tino on steam_community_announcements January 23, 2019

  • Modify the third pattern of Quantum Crap : Add card, 'Lethargy' to the hand of the player. Increase armor by 30.
  • Modify cost of some Hindrance card: Ban: Constant(3>2), Ban: Instant(3>2), Shackles: Defend(3>2), Shackles: Attack(3>2), Carcinogen(6>4), Reset(2>0)
  • Nyx's attack power and armor are slightly reduced

  • Added filtering function to deck view

  • “Flawless” achievements are only for combat and have been modified to achieve the same or higher HP at start and end of combat
  • Fixed the problem that the card removal window sometimes does not appear in the Lab or EventDB (please report it when you relapse)
  • Fixed a problem where some text values were incorrect


Plan to update by the end of March

NEOVERSE - February 15, 2019

Thanks to all players who enjoy Neoverse. We will gladly share the updates currently under development. Items that are completed sequentially will be updated at that time, and if we need a beta test, we will share it with the beta version first.

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