Patch 1.4c (Wall Modifying Functionality Update)

Posted by: WEB Gaming Entertainment on steam_community_announcements January 20, 2019

Patch Release pushed to this upcoming week

Hello Everyone,

After a lot of progress and being near complete in the goal of adding in the delete walls feature, we will need a bit more time for thorough testing of this feature before releasing it next week. We fully intended to have it ready for this week's update, however we ran out of time to test and iron out as many bugs as possible (hopefully all bugs).

Part of this was the fact and realization that there are a handful of additional features that we had to address in order to get the delete feature in.
As a result, next week't update will have the following additional features

  • The ability to add single wall units, which brings with it the ability to build within a wall unit. So instead of having to build only 4x4 wall units, you will now have the ability to add interior walls wherever you desire. Here are some images below demonstrating the feature

  • The ability to delete walls

  • You will also be able to place floors. For this update, only floor placement will be available, but very soon we will add in the ability to change the floor tiles the same way that you can currently change wallpaper.

We hope to get this done as soon as possible in the week. Please stay tuned here or on Discord for update.

Finally, after the delete feature update has been released, we will move our focus back to other gameplay content updates as well as UI updates and bug fixes.

Thanks for your patience as we work to continually improve the game

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