Posted by: Aggroblakh on steam_community_announcements January 18, 2019

Hi all,

Another week, another update. Mostly just tightening up the game again.


  • Increased the multiplier for monthly divisional supply allocation. With an increased emphasis on field supply dumps and supply lines, I figured I would make it less of a headache to deal with supplies in general. Let me know if this is a good change - shell shortage was a real thing, after all, and trying to balance realism and gameplay is a constant concern.

  • Tooltips now show up properly for all unit effects and commander traits. Tooltips weren't showing up properly because each refresh was erasing the entire list and re-creating it with each game tick. Hopefully this makes things a but more clear.

  • Added tooltips all over the place, notably for unit effects and commander traits.

  • Many of you have requested a way to tell at a glance how many units are on a tile. I previously said this was tough because, unlike HOI, units would bleed over into neighbouring tiles if they were stacked. I gave it a try and came up with a compromise - the stack caps at three. This way I can simply shrink the units without having them overlap into adjacent tiles, and there's still a rough overview of how many units are on a tile. I hope this helps!

  • Being under attack is (and always has been) rated by severity ie. being under light machine gun fire is less debilitating than heavy machine gun fire. This was, however, impossible for you guys to know because there was no visual indication of this effect. I've now added it in.

  • Non-supply units can now carry food. I figured carrying food didn't need specialist supply units, and it helps alleviate the burden placed on supply units in this game. This also means that the Carry Supplies and Supply Area orders are unlocked for all unit types, and they will automatically head to the rear to resupply if they run out.

  • Rate of wire building has been sped up, to encourage more of it.

Thanks for playing!

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January, 1915. The Race to the Sea is over. The Great War has just begun. You are the commander of a single division in the meat grinder that is the Western Front. Lead your men over the top as you attempt to break the stalemate that is to claim the lives of millions over the course of years.

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