[Matis] Karae Court (2019/01/14)

Posted by: Jayvaraman.Ryzom on steam_community_announcements January 13, 2019

Karae Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani sat gracefully at her writing desk with the finely sculpted legs. Smiling. As if freed. At last!

Finally, she was going to have the opportunity to put all her energy into the development of Matis art, culture and science!
Finally, she was going to be able to contribute to the greatness of her people, through the influence and the refinement of her Court, and follow in the footsteps of the late Queen Mother Lea Lenardi. Be even better! Go even further!

"Fila, Aniro !", she thought, touching the medallion that adorned her magnificent dress with the emerald highlights. "And fila my Husband, to have taken our Son as Royal Counselor!"

Her gaze lay on the untouched parchment in front of her, while her delicate hand took a feather pen matching her corsage.
"There's so much to do!", she thought. "But, I like challenges! And As Jena is my witness, I take on this one!"

Thus it was with a determined hand that she personally expressed her desire to gather her Court in the near future. She would not leave the pleasure of this moment to any scribe!

* * *

Less than an hour later, the royal herald delivered the news to each royal city:

I, Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani, Verdant Heights Karae, express the desire that my Court gather in the throne room on Holeth, Winderly 12, 4th AC 2601(*), during the evening. May its Renewal ring forth and may it soon shine far beyond our borders!

Matis Aiye !
Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani

* [OOC] On Monday, 14 January 20:00:00 UTC (1 day to go). [/OOC]


Creator of the event: Event Team.
Type of event: Assembly.
Appropriate levels: All.

Date of the event: Monday, 14 January 20:00:00 UTC (1 day to go).
Expected duration: About two hours.
Meeting place: Royal Palace in Yrkanis.

Homins concerned: The Nobles, Matis Vassals, Ambassadors and visitors, Marauders excluded.
Synopsis: The Matis Queen gathers her Court in Yrkanis.
To learn more: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/29309/1&post192393=en

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