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Update 0.8.14

Posted by: Flonor on steam_community_announcements January 12, 2019

🔥 Weapon Upgrades

    Some weapons can now be upgraded with the loot from asteroids and other resources.

  • Support old Intel drivers
  • Mine location image
  • Neptune got a continent!

    • Court location icon

    • Target prediction

      • Predict the target future pos for turret weapons
      • Include projectile speed max when calculating the weapon target lead

    • Pluto characters: New-Year's-polishing ✨
      click for hi-res

    • Explosion FX tuning

    • Sort fixed weapons first in lists
    • Analysis HUD: Show the cargo item count
    • Add a big text window for books/papers (Caduceus Brochure)
    • Savegame Menu: Load the selected item with the controller select button
    • Small performance improvements (~2%)
    • OpenGL init improvements
    • Spotlights for space memorial turrets
    • J12 station resize (x2.25)
    • Increase spotlight decay / blur out
    • Increase the respawn time for some cad station ships
    • Small Lashkar Gah surrounding improvements

    • Zopa late game dialog crashes
    • Zopa "sleeping_pod_lie" dialog crash
    • Script crash when "Xentron Revealed" is finished
    • Skill icons are missing after video options are changed
    • Crash when ship.Attack() target is null
    • Old Savegames: player id should not be modifiable (fixes the Kalypso Waechter Guards)
    • Tiled background star drawable flickers
    • Lasers don't hit missiles
    • Revealed Hokucho map icon disappears
    • Laser does not hit affinity enemies
    • Smoke emitter placement is defined by the shield size
    • Controller Button A selection breaks if the mouse select button was changed
    • Savegames: Healthbar can be visible when a ship is dead
    • Double "active_focus_frame" window crash
    • Asteroid ring bg image are hidden too early when rotated
    • Emitter could be hidden too early if particles are rotated
    • Smoke emitter placement defined by shield size
    • Savegames: Ghost turret platforms until they respawn
    • Item cargo could be set with a null item from asteroid drops
    • Set "CAD Guard Ally" to gaia and add affinity for the cad_transport quest
    • Inventory HUD: Support equipping items and opening text items with the controller
    • Controller: Support the exit button in the Question Box
    • Popup Boxes: Select the default focus window (fixes the select button in the amount window)
    • Trade HUD: Can't select merchant items with the controller
    • Exiting the savegames/options menu with the controller does not show the logo again
    • Sun/Saturn ring is spawned with each savegame load
    • Inventory HUD: remove the item comparison text

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