WOA Patch released

Posted by: Chesstar DEV on steam_community_announcements January 11, 2019

Hey, dear players,

Patch v0.9.0.3 was deployed today. In this patch, we added resurrect system for Duo mode (known as Double players mode before), optimized the quick-move and did many other minor changes. Check out the most notable changes below.

Important Updates

  • New! Resurrect your teammate now is available
    To increase the interaction between you and your teammate in a Duo game (named Double Players before), when your teammate been shoot down he/she will become a ghost instead of dying in an instant, and you can put your hand into the circle near the ghost to resurrect him/her.
    Warning: The ghost can last only 10 seconds, so be quick!

  • New! More drawing method
    Besides the method current using to pull back a bow, we added two new methods. See details below

    1. Normal
      Simulate the real-life process of pulling bowstring, giving you the most realistic archery experience.
    2. Easy
      Pull bowstring more easily compared to the normal method, save you many efforts and gives you more space to move.
    3. Casual
      Shoot an arrow of approximately maximum strength by just pulling the bowstring slightly. Though you can pull bowstring fast in this method, the precision of the shoot will decrease as a penalty. Your arrows and hook-arrows will also be consumed faster in this method.

Other Updates and Changes:

  1. You can now click the flag in the bottom-left of the main lobby to switch server
  2. Added background picture for a room help you identify the map of this room
  3. New sound effect for opening crates
  4. Attached sound effect for some objects in the Island map and city map
  5. Increased the animation speed of the UI popping out when a game finished
  6. Now when a player first enters the game, he can click the bottom button to solve internet issue when in need.
  7. Added some national flags using to display in the leaderboard
  8. Added simple directions for DEMO version
  9. Language

    • Single Player renamed to Solo
    • Double Players renamed to Duo

Bug Fixes

  1. Added information panel to goods displayed in the store
  2. Fixed an issue that the icon of the crate does not match the model
  3. Fixed an issue that when getting a Level Crate it will open automatically without sounds
  4. Fixed an issue that the indoor space in the island map is too dark

Have a good time!
Chesstar DEV
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