More rides, control and fun- RideOp VR PRO

Posted by: GuraShop on steam_community_announcements January 11, 2019

RideOp VR PRO is AVAILABLE NOW on Steam!
Get ready to experience first hand the adrenaline of being in complete control with our PRO edition for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

More rides: You will find lots of breathtaking machines for you to ride, including our Giant Frisbee, the huge Freefall tower and (for the first time on the RideOp franchise) the restraint-less Carcel, among many others.
More control: Looking for an extreme experience? Try the new manual mode and get in complete control of the rides. Go as high and as fast as you want for as many time as you like.
More fun: Choose the music for your rides among a wide selection of exclusive tracks and get in the perfect mood.

Are you ready for the ultimate Thrill Ride PRO Experience?

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RideOp - VR Thrill Ride Experience

Leave your fear of heights outside and get ready to experience thrills like never before. RideOp – VR Thrill Ride Experience brings you the ultimate ride experience. Explore an immersive 360 degree view while riding some of the world’s most impressive attractions.

Developer: GuraShop

Publisher: GuraShop