January Update 3 - Time and Weather on Main Menu! Added turbulence, aircraft lights and more!

Posted by: brunoasdfgh on steam_community_announcements January 11, 2019

We added the functionality to choose the time and weather that you want to fly!

Choose those weathers: Clear, Cirrus, Scattered, Broken, Overcast, Low Visibility, Stormy
Choose also the time of the day.

For now, turbulence are happening on Stormy and Overcast weathers. We are adjusting the wind properties to have more/less effect depending on where you are flying in New York.

Trying to land the Cessna 172 or 182 in stormy weather is very cool and challenging!

All aircraft lights are implemented, and the are all ON by default.
Next update you will have the h ability to turn on/off each light interacting with your Cessna's instrument panel.

We are changing some things on the simulation. Thank you all for all reviews!

- The propeller when in max power is less transparent, so it get closer to how it look in real life.
- Cessna 172 have 25% more engine power and Cessna 182 more 35%. It should change the experience a bit!
- the radio in the instrument panel are not working yet. ATC and radio will be implemented soon. But for now, we removed the digital dummie numbers.
- fixed a bug in Oculus Rift also for head position. This is coming a long way for us. But it should be fine now!

VR Flight Simulator New York - Cessna

VR Flight Simulator New York - Cessna is the ultimate Virtual Reality experience for you!Feel like flying a real Cessna 172 in New York city.REAL audios, AMAZING environment, REALISTIC physics for best simulation.

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