Discounts on more our Games and Bundles! ;)

Posted by: BlackXS on steam_community_announcements January 11, 2019

Hello dear players! Today we have prepared for you a small list of our games, which can be purchased with a good discount!

Games with discount:

aMAZE Classic: Inverted
aMAZE Frozen
aMAZE Untouchable
aMAZE Dark Times
aMAZE Double
aMAZE Halloween
Chocolate makes you happy 4
Chocolate makes you happy 5
Chocolate makes you happy 6
Data mining
Data mining 2
Cowboy's Adventure
Bitcoin Collector

Bundles with discount:

If you have one or several of our games, you can purchase our Bundle's with a higher discount!)

Our Bundle's:

Blender Games Bundle
aMAZE Bundle
Choco Bundle
Data Bundle
Blendformer Bundle

You can buy a gift for your friends our Bundle's for gifts with a good discount!)

Our Bundle's for gifts:

Blender Games Bundle for gifts
aMAZE Bundle for gifts
Choco Bundle for gifts
Data Bundle for gifts
Blendformer Bundle for gifts

We hope you enjoy it!) Have a nice day)

This is a continuation of the fascinating game aMAZE. Now in 3D!

Developer: Blender Games

Publisher: Blender Games