Content Preview : The Myths Outcasts DLC Pack

Posted by: mistersneak on steam_community_announcements January 11, 2019

We're not quite ready to announce an exact release date yet, as we're still testing, but the first DLC pack is coming very close to completion! Here's a full rundown of what you can expect.

For more details about Barony DLC, including pricing info, please view the DLC announcement.

Myths & Outcasts DLC Pack 1


[h1][b]Skeleton Race[/b][/h1]
This bony adventurer doesn't eat, but is very slow to regenerate. When filled with magical power, some have said the bones can re-invigorate after death! Skeletons may be a great option for a patient player that doesn't like playing with hunger, but still wants to play through the game legitimately, or with friends who like hunger on!

The skeleton can be played as its new signature class:


[h1]The Conjurer[/h1]
This new class' playstyle may largely depend on their ability to summon an undead ally who grows in experience and power alongside you as you advance through the dungeon! Outfitted with little else, prepare to support your summons while staying out of harm's way early on in the adventure.


[h1][b]Goatman Race[/b][/h1]
These bleating beasts love the taste of tin-cans and have no need for a tin openers. They also have a nose for booze, and can often make some of it using fountains throughout the dungeon. A steady supply of booze bottles lets the Goatman rely on boosted physical strength and finding new drinking buddies along the way!

These skills come in handy with the Goatman's signature class:


[h1]The Drunkard[/h1]
As the Drunkard, booze doesn't cause you any trouble. It's running out of it that's a problem for you! Without your signature sauce, a horrible hangover will make you feel terrible, which is very much like the effect drunkenness has on other classes. Keep track of your booze supply and make sure you're in fighting shape when you need it!


[h1][b]Vampire Race[/b][/h1]
Vampires start with a number of classic magical abilities, but are cursed with a hunger for blood. Normal food won't do them any good, only slaying the living will provide them with what they need. Attacking an enemy by surprise allows the Vampire to drink some of their victims' blood, and vials of blood may often be dropped by foes that the Vampire can save for when it is needed.


[h1]The Accursed[/h1]
This class begins the game with a curse - You will hunger more rapidly, but are also imbued with supernatural speed. Vampires or Humans of this class will need to move quickly to keep their hunger from chasing them down! Rumors suggest that the curse can be broken if you find the magic spell you were cursed with in the first place.


[h1][b]Succubus Race[/b][/h1]
This demonoid is wry and clever. Starting with demonic magical abilities, they prefer to outwit their foes on the way to killing them. But being an unholy entity comes with its tradeoffs. The effects of Blessed and Cursed equipment is reversed!


[h1]The Mesmer[/h1]
The Mesmer is a trickster who, using magic, can charm monsters so they lose the will to fight... or even fighting on the Mesmer's behalf! Why do the fighting when you can convince the others to do it for you? Otherwise frail and poorly outfitted, the Mesmer will have to pick its unwilling allies wisely to stay alive.

We hope that these races and classes are as exciting to you as they are to us!

We'll provide more info as we get closer to releasing the [b]Legends & Pariahs DLC Pack[/b]. But as a teaser, we are ready to announce the races for that pack: The Insectoid, The Goblin, The Automaton, and The Incubus.

- "mistersneak" and the Turning Wheel team[/img]

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