Update on Jan.11

Posted by: markhor55 on steam_community_announcements January 11, 2019

Dear shopkeeper. We've updated our game and fixed some issues today.

Here is the update:

Small Bug Fixes:
Fixed the Horcruxe Upgrade interface in which switching from unlocked to locked items would still show after submitting.
Fixed the Trail Shop refresh timer bug.
Fixed the bug where you couldn't open some Chest in Mystic Lands.
Fixed the Storage Filter displaying chinese characters.

Corrected some Horcruxe skill descriptions.
Locked items wont show a trash bin icon.
Added some sound effects.
Crafting robot shows the name of the items being crafted
Optimized some interface text layout.



* 修复库存界面加锁物品, 详情界面点击弹出丢弃界面的问题

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