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New story missions!

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements January 7, 2019

Hey guys - this update will be both without a vid and short because the main focus for the past month has been new story missions - discussing them would be rife with spoilers so I'll keep this short. I'm pretty excited about the new story developments!

We are now moving towards the end of the "main story" of the game. I hope you enjoy the new missions and post feedback/comments on them in the game's main forums. If you do post on the forums about the game's story - please consider tagging the post with a "SPOILERS" disclaimer.

I should be able to create new missions at a faster rate now that the initial "hump" has been passed. So the next item on the agenda is more story missions, then work towards properly implementing carriers then finalizing the story.

After that - we'll officially enter the "Beta" stage - during which I'll basically play the game start to finish multiple times and polish/improve/bug fix whatever I find.

After a fairly fast Beta stage (I hope!) - the game will be released and then we'll see what the future holds!

As always thank you for the incredible support, comments, feedback, criticism, reviews you guys have given me and the project.

Happy New Year!

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