Posted by: Les on steam_community_announcements December 20, 2018

Crystal Mine

First of all, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

It was a busy year for us - we have been working on multiple features and also on the next game of Age of Fear series: Free World. It will be released 18th of January and hopefully will introduce new players to this series:


The below list presents some of the recent fixes and updates which were released:

  • UPDATE: ALL terrains in Dwarven and Forest campaign have been enhanced by Willisama! He did great job behind the scenes and added great amount of details to all maps.

  • NEW: Relics - those are extremely rare items which give unusual and powerful spells such as Lifredrain Cloud and Nightmare spells. Those are hidden in rare Magic Treasure Chests.

  • NEW: Earth Quake and Volcano battle conditions.

  • NEW: Localization - as some of you might have noticed there is ’Select language’ in Configurations now. Currently only English is selectable, but we are working on additional languages.

  • NEW: Ambrosia - when equipped, dying unit will recover 3-5 HP (auto-activable).

  • NEW: Standstill Liquid - something for your archers, while active, this potion guarantees critical hits.

  • NEW: Magic Resistance Potion and Magic Immunity Potions - that’s expanding collection of potions for all you drunks. Aside from cancelling all magical enhancements, unit is protected from magic for a short duration.

  • NEW: new (much better looking!) potion icons.

  • NEW: Collector upgrade - two additional artefacts or trophies. Available only for selected heroes only.

  • NEW: Barkskin - exchange attack for defence (only Ents and Sapprolings).

  • NEW: Crystal Mine - new location to explore. After defeating Undead (hard battle!) it will continuously provide resources for your party.

  • UPDATE: enemy teams will spawn closer in random battles. Also, random battles were made smaller - this is to avoid delays before actual combat.

  • UPDATE: Dispel Magic does cause loss of 2-4 MP (increased per level, not completely zero MP as before).

  • UPDATE: Sacrifice gives +4 MP and doesn’t use turn action.

  • UPDATE: much stronger summons - they not only carry spellcaster’s experience level, but also unlock special attributes.

  • UPDATE: heroes can equip up to four artefacts and trophies.

  • BUGFIX: mouse clicks and tooltips won’t cause endless loop.

  • BUGFIX: intro conversation in battles was sometimes causing game crash.

  • UPDATE: Nullify Magic causes Mana Burn only on enemies.



Take care,
Les & AOF Team
Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord GOLD

Play as either Bel'Kara, a seductive Succubus at odds with the Underworld, or Katzok, a brutal Orc Chieftan fighting for his clan's dominance. The Age of Fear series is a deep and complex turn-based strategy (full of humour!) that fuses a tabletop wargame with RPG elements.

Developer: Leslaw Sliwko

Publisher: Age of Fear