Dec 17 th Update: New level small improvements

Posted by: IcanY on steam_community_announcements December 17, 2018

It's the BunkerWay, or the highway...

Things are getting hotter in Voltage! Already completed final level? No worries, because this Update brings new level to the game: BunkerWay. If you already have arrived to the Earth and completed Desert-level, now you need to discover way to the Bunker. Explore large sections on the bunker and find your way to the town of Voltage... BunkerWay level design is ready, but enemy A.I behaviours is still under development (it is indoors level and have quite complicate artchitecture.).

Press F for flashlight...

Level desing development

On this update we have focused to desing new level and improve first level of the game. If you find some bug or discover some model floading, please take part to our Bugi Hunt competition.

  • Added Day & Time scipt
  • Talking Characters script

Cutscenes and loading screen pictures development

This work is very beginning. We have developed new cutscene which you can see when you launch the first level. We have designed new loading screen which will be visible when you launch the main game.

Voltage Super Retro is free for a limited time

Notice that DLC is free for those who have bought the main game December 30th 2018 at the latest. If you buy the base game that day at the latest, you will get this DLC for free forever. We reserve the right to change the price after the release.

We are here to help

Engine developes all the time. However, if you have any issue, remember thatt you can always ask help from us directly by using contact form on our website or Steam Community Hub. Remember to save your progress atleast when new level has loaded

Extra! Mini-Game available on Voltage Launcher

Have you yet tried retro mini-game directly from the 80s? ;) You can launch it from the game menu.

Thank you,

Voltage Development


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