December 14 th Big Update

Posted by: IcanY on steam_community_announcements December 15, 2018

We have now released big update to the game!

Check that you have the latest build!

We are proud to announce the release of the December update to Voltage!

Better A.I

A good portion of time for this update has been on the A.I of the characters, making sure they deliver the kind of gameplay you would expect from a modern shooter.

Here are the highlights:

  • Added new 'ai_melee_animmove' script which allows models that include movement info inside their animation data to take effect in the game
  • Changed default CONE ANGLE of all default characters to 270 degrees total so they can 'see from the corner of their eye' better
  • Vastly improved character cover zone detection, so placing a cover zone marker down will attract a soldier engaging with the player
  • Added additional behaviors for A.I soldiers including strafing, ducking, crouch running, rolling and avoiding - harder to hit a moving target
  • The A.I now picks up on the players gun sound origin rather than where the impact of that bullet happens - more engaging battle
  • Added GetMovementDeltaManual command so can detect actual speed of progress of any entity, good for animation speed control
  • Improved character A.I rotation code so more behaviors use smooth curving angles - see new movement progress of Zombie A.I characters
  • Reduced the 'circling' effect when A.I gets close to their final destination by increasing rotation speed as they get closer to target
  • Improved handling of 'very fast' A.I bots that would get ahead of the logic that directed their pathfinding navigation
  • Relegated all CharacterControlX LUA commands as they are redundant in the new external script-based system (open better than closed)
  • Activated detection of dynamic obstacles for moving A.I bots that rely on physics
  • Added additional cover zone markers to the Big Escape level to provide a good example of how they should be used

Curator Starbreeze_Stockholder posted a very important messge to me about friendly A.I. that it is not working perfectly... Friendly A.I. has not been updated yet. We are currently testing it and you can fing Friendly A.I. from the first level and drone on Space-level.

We are also pleased to report that this A.I includes code contributed from the long-standing master of scripting, "smallg" and we are excited to see this level of participation in the development of AI by the community.


AAA-weapons are finally here! You can playtest em on Tutorial -level.

Prepare yourself for a weapons that will take your gameplay to a whole new level (picture above)! These AAA quality modern day weapons are excellent in every department. All of them use the highest quality PBR rendering, have thousands of technically accurate animations between them. These are fully functional and have all their logic built-in.

Each weapon is a true reproduction with immense detail, such as the chainsaw which needs to be filled with petrol before you can pull the cord or the sniper rifles that have multiple zoom modes, or the semi-automatic weapons that can be switched to full-automatic.

Weapons Update includes:

AR15 - Well rounded, this semi-automatic rifle is outfitted with a red-dot and magnifier optics. Good accuracy, short-medium range optics, low light capability, and 30+1 rounds of 5.56x45mm onboard, the AR15 makes for an ideal patrol carbine or light-duty marksman rifle.

AKM - A select-fire assault rifle ubiquitous to low-intensity conflict across the globe. While this old warhorse has seen better days and lacks the appurtenances of more modern weapons, it makes up for it in firepower with 30+1 rounds of 7.62x39mm and a relatively easily tamed rate of fire.

B810 - This quick-deploying lock-blade may be small but is capable of a furious barrage of attacks. It can be held with the blade forward or reversed for a minor exchange of range for power.

Chainsaw - They don't make 'em anymore like this vintage "muscle saw". This beast is cumbersome, noisy, and guzzles fuel but once it gets going it gets the job done! Ears bleeding? Use the motor kill switch.

M29S - Don't let the diminutive size fool you, this snub-nosed .44 magnum revolver packs a serious punch. While slow to reload and limited in capacity, this six-shooter is flawlessly reliable and can be operated in either double-action or manual single-action modes for a modest exchange of speed for accuracy.

M67 - Primarily intended as a defensive weapon to deter pursuit, there's no rule that says you can't use this fragmenting hand grenade to get the party started!

Mk18 - This 5.56x45mm, commando-length "sub-carbine" boasts assault rifle firepower in a submachinegun sized package. Fast handling, fully-automatic, and topped with an illuminated red-dot optic, this weapon is ideally suited to close-quarters combat. A blistering rate of fire sends a lot of lead downrange but it can be difficult to control. To those ends, it is capable of semi-automatic fire for precision work and engaging targets at longer distances.

Mk19T - This iconic, two-tone beauty is as much of a status symbol as it is a sidearm. This pistol holds 8+1 rounds of commonly available .44 magnum ammunition and is equipped with a luminous front sight for improved aiming in all lighting conditions.

R870 - This short-barreled, pump-action, tube-fed shotgun features numerous tactical modifications including an illuminated optic for fast target acquisition. While limited in capacity to 5+1 rounds, it fires full power loads of 9-pellet, 12 gauge ammunition. The weapon's heavy recoil is best mitigated when shouldered. As such, this weapon is capable of a much brisker cadence of fire while aimed.

Sledge Hammer - As simple as can be, this weapon consists of a 16lb. forged steel block mated to a shock-resistant fiberglass handle. This slow-swinging tool excels at breaking down physical barriers and for users with judicious timing, it makes a formidable melee weapon as well.

Gloves_Unarmed - For situations when your player character is unarmed. Uses the same hands as all of the other weapons in this pack. Additionally, designers can choose between four included texture sets which can also be easily applied to the other weapons to help customize their games.

Melee weapons: now has six additional weapons to hack and slash your way to victory! In keeping with finding every melee weapon from every FPS game from the last 20 years, we introduce you to the battle axe, broadsword, ebony bow, homemade slasher and for the domestics, a rake and a carving knife.

As you can see, a formidable arsenal at your command, and will definitely raise the quality of the VOLTAGE up several notches! These guns are excellent also for some close attack game logic and extreme long range sniper action.



Featuring improved Physically Based textures for office equipment and a large metal container. In this update we have enhanced them with PBR textures to get them closer to that metallic look. In this update, you will find:

Large Metal Container
Water Cooler
2 Printers
2 Phones
LCD Monitor
Desktop Scanner
Fire Alarm
Mobile Phone

The PBR assets show up the metallic metals and the shiny plastics giving a modern edge to these classic graphics.


We are pleased to announce that the SciFi levels have received a PBR update. Included are as follows:

Energy Cell
Medical Kit
Food Rations (Single and Several)
Health Vials (Small, Large and Open)

Most of the items can be collected, and the health collectibles even grant the player a health boost when picked up.

Update to Construction models

More top quality models. In addition to the huge collection of construction props currently available you will find:

  • The Porta-Potty
  • Gas Canisters x 2
  • Hard Hat
  • Wire Reel
  • Lunchbox
  • Petrol Can
  • Shovel
  • Roadsign
  • Dark wood table
  • +10 models
  • improved PBR textures for 10 items including castle towers and walls

In this update to the models which you can find on desert levels, we upgrade ten more items to use PBR textures, this time focusing on the industrial containers, benches and other items including air conditioner and street lamp. These items add to the already huge number of items in this update which are now PBR-ready, bringing additional metalness, gloss and ambient occlusion textures to these legacy models.

A selection of ten buildings upgraded to PBR textures. We have chosen a cross-section this time, including modern-day structures all the way back to classic gothic buildings.

Tutorial Zone

You can now start playing Voltage main game immediately without need to complete Tutorial. You have an option to launch Tutorial on the game menu.

Extra! Mini-Game available on the game menu

You can now find this interesting mini-game available to launch on the game menu "Players room" -section! Enjoy!

Thank you for supporting Voltage Development!

Best regards

Voltage Development


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