Take a Sleigh Ride in the Winter Event Weeks

Posted by: [CM]LadySky on steam_community_announcements December 13, 2018

Silent night, holy night… not in NosTale! The wild cats are back once more, trying to take over in our Winter Event. Plus you have a special chance to create a reindeer-drawn sleigh – this sleek conveyance would make even Santa Claus turn green with envy, though at this festive time of year he can’t help but laugh to see you ride it.

Look forward to these highlights between 13th December 2018 and 16th January 2019:

Magic Sleigh with Red-nosed Reindeer

The NPC Santa Claus has something very special in store for you. In exchange for a Red-nosed Reindeer Bead (available from quests and the Winter Event raids listed below) and a Magic Sleigh (available on the NosWheel), Santa Claus will create a super-fast Magic Sleigh with Red-nosed Reindeer for you.

Specialist Partners
With Maru’s Specialist Partner Card you can transform Tom and Kliff into the Millennial Tiger.

With the second Specialist Partner Card ‘Maru in Mother’s Fur’ you can transform Tom and Kliff into a tiger disguised as the siblings’ caring mother.
The partner has three razor-sharp skills: Hi-yah!, Spin Up and Tiger Power

Raid against Maru the Millennial Tiger

Challenge Maru and his followers in the raid! Simply use Maru’s Raid Seal to take him on. If you’re successful, you’ll earn his special Tiger Chest in reward.
Note: You can neither make yourself invisible, nor summon miniatures as Jajamaru in this raid.

Daily Quests

  • Searching for the Siblings’ Mother
  • Save the Siblings
  • Need Sesame Oil

You can earn Maru’s Raid Seal and Brass Coins as your reward for completing the daily quests.

Event Quest
Talk to the new Wanderer NPC to exchange Brass Coins for the Wanderer’s Chest and the great items hidden inside.

Red Bean Rice Cakes and Sesame Oil
Collect Red Bean Rice Cakes and Sesame Oil by hunting monsters, then exchange the items for a reward or use them yourself. The cakes restore you and your NosMate’s HP and MP, while the Sesame Oil is useful in the raid.

Snowman Raid

Once you’ve completed the quest and mastered the Time-Space, you can practise getting your revenge on the snow monster in the Vikings’ name. Grab your friends and bring it the heat! In reward you’ll earn a raid box containing awesome specialist partner cards and other wintry event items.

Daily Quests from Six NPCs in NosVille
Meet good and evil reindeer, let the bells ring out, watch how scarves are made from magical wool and knitting needles and much more. Collect colourful stockings for completing quests and exchange them for a Christmas Gift Box.

Happy New Year… Literally!
Collect golden letters (H, A, P, Y) and white letters (N, E, W, Y, A, R) dropped by monsters. Once you have enough to spell the words HAPPY NEW YEAR you can exchange them for a Happy New Year Box and/or a Happy New Year Golden Box. If fortune’s smiling you’ll find a Movement Scroll, fancy costumes or a variety of fireworks inside.

Wishing you a wonderful winter event!

The NosTale Team

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