Holiday Contest: Design Your Own Cat

Posted by: ElJorro on steam_community_announcements December 12, 2018

Do you like dressing up cats in fancy (or goofy) costumes?

We sure hope you do! Because now you have a chance to design your own cat outfit!

It's simple:

  • Describe a cat costume of your dreams;
  • Use any form of self-expression you're comfortable with: describe it in a couple of sentences, draw a sketch, write a song, make a vlog entry! (English only, please);
  • Use any channel you can find us on: Steam, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, email;
  • Keep it simple: we're only looking for fresh ideas and entertaining you, after all;
  • We accept your proposals until December 21, 23:59 PST

We will choose winners by December 21: 3 best ideas will make it into the game and we’ll send a free Steam keys for while True: learn() to the 10 finalists!
while True: learn()

You’re a machine learning specialist who makes neural networks but your cat seems to be better at it. Now you must solve puzzles to build a cat-to-human translation system (who knows what else this cat is capable of!). Earn a fortune, buy kickass cat outfits and learn how machine learning really works!


Publisher: Nival