Update V0.35 Hotfix # 2

Posted by: Smallimpact on steam_community_announcements December 7, 2018

Good Day Everyone!

We have another hotfix for the expedition update focusing on issues with player's characters being stuck in certain situations, items disappearing and extra quality of life improvements across the board. Thanks everyone for helping us find these issues so we can get these fixes out to you in a timely manner!


  • Fix added for chest Items not showing up in chest
  • Fix added for chest crash
  • Fix added for crash that could occur when a bow broke from durability damage
  • Fix added for items being lost on relog that you had equipped when you logged off
  • Fix added to stop you getting stuck from main menu trying to enter a server that you couldn't enter and not being able to change
  • Fix added for land claims never being able to be destroyed on PVE servers
  • Fix for land claim names getting stuck as “none”
    Armour can now be repaired at anvils
  • Fixed memory bug which could cause you to lose frame rate over time until you died and respawned
    Fixed a bug where inventory items would not show their durability
  • Fixed a bug where equipped items wouldn’t show items durability
  • Fix added for not being able to hit built land claims easily/broken land claim mesh collision not being turned off for built states.
  • Fix added to land claim so when you change the name, it will instantly update players in the area HUD info
  • Fixed an issue where the character view within inventory displaying LODs instead of high fidelity meshes.
  • Fix added to stop helmets being cut off from the top of the paper doll inventory view
  • Fixed an issue where some foliage wouldn't have the building effect
  • Fixed a bug which would stop you getting feedback when you used a locked door (animation and sounds)
    Server versioning to filter redundant servers


  • Added a first person door knocking, drinking, eating and healing animation
  • Added a warning popup for when you are not in a guild but try to toggle land claim build permission as well as when you try to toggle use permission in a door
  • Added a sound when a server announcement happens (new player to server, player died etc)


  • Wattle wall and stone wall structures are now the same height as palisades to provide a better solution against exploits
  • Updated the in-game settings control list to include the the 1st/3rd person view key information
  • Updated the paper doll pose to be a hands down idle instead of a arms crossed


  • Freeman’s area/West side of Mercia has had further optimisations to prevent extreme GPU bottlenecks

Thanks everyone for playing and just a healthy reminder that we have created and published a roadmap for upcoming content for the black death HERE.

See you in Mercia

The S.I.G. Team

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