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Dev Video - War!

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements November 21, 2018

Hey guys!

Here's a new update vid:
Direct Link: YouTube


War! -

  • There is now another player to faction state - at war!
  • War state is triggered when the player captures another faction's base
  • War state can also be trigged via declaring war
  • When at war with a faction - that faction will deliberately attack you
  • The faction will attempt to destroy your trade ships, platforms, take your fields and blockade your bases
  • Will also try to re-take any lost bases (of theirs)
  • You can weaken a faction's ability to send out these attacks by destroying their platforms, taking their fields and blockading/taking their bases
  • During war - other faction's relations won't deteriorate as a result of the war (eg: the military won't dislike you for destroying civilians - if you are at war with them)
  • Comms platforms can be built in base space or empty space
  • They will alert you to incoming enemies(base) or nearby enemies (open space)
  • You can now abandon a base (might be better than losing it)
  • Abandoned bases will return to their original faction's control after a time
  • You can "make peace" with a faction you are at war with


The past few weeks I've focused on fleshing out the mid to late game where the player is starting to expand their territory via capturing bases. When you capture another faction's base that is considered a declaration of war.

During war - the faction will deliberately attack your assets and try to re-take their lost territory (bases). This adds another layer of a dynamic sandbox to the game - something I'm always very excited to do.

In the past - if you've engaged in base warfare - things were far too easy and without enough consequence. You could take another faction's base, then kill some of their enemies and be back to good terms. Those days are gone, so who you chose to attack must be carefully weighted on how well you can defend yourself against their counter attacks.

Once you are at war the layer of hostility increases - you will be attacked - but you also have a chance at strategy and lowering your opponent's ability to fight. Destroying the enemy's platforms, taking their fields, blockading and capturing their bases will reduce their ability to send out attacks against you. So before you cross that red line of war - you might consider a first strike against a faction's platforms.

When you are at war - other faction's scores won't decrease as a result of the war. So for example - if you are at war with the civilians - the military won't turn hostile (if they weren't already). This allows you some control over who you fight and when. Although it might not be easy to accomplish this - since before being at war - the military won't like you fighting civilians.

This is my attempt in guiding the player's path through the base conquest portion, whiel still giving them the freedom to do anything they want. I (as a developer) want the player to start conquest slowly and not immediately attack the civilians or the military (the two factions with the most bases). This system allows for that while being consistent with the game world's logic.

I hope to add to this system and further enhance it - please let me know your thoughts via feedback!

What's next?

I'll most likely focus on bug fixes and improvements to this new system, I'll likely change the way that capture ships can be bought/built - making them a bit more significant to obtain.

Also I'll do a pass on the faction's and their relations - I'll likely make it so that destroying bounty hunter ships isn't a crime nor does it increase the wanted timer - after all bounty hunters get paid to hunt you - they don't post bounties. These types of twekas will be with the new "at war" mechanics in mind.

After that?

More work on story missions!

And after that?

Work on adding carriers to the game and giving them some unique mechanics (ship/fleet building) - with the goal of making them something like mini bases.


As always - Thank you for your incredible support!

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