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v1.3 update

Posted by: Lz on steam_community_announcements November 20, 2018

**Next update will be May 2019**

New Features
- Basic Tutorial with Assistant
- Cult
- Action Limit Lock, will unlock features day by day instant on open all in 1st day

- System foundation upgrade, mostly on Button and Panel effect
- Improve Pre-game scene
- Show Cult information on Critical Moment Panel
- UI Improve
- Improve mouse over effect on Facilities (from Map)
- Virus Research adjust, 3 POWER > 2 POWER
- Business Man 1st appear day, Day 5 > Day 8
- Random Events, Improve the way to trigger
- Meeting Room, Daily +1 POWER > Daily +5 POWER
- Training Center, Daily +2 SECURITY> Daily +10 SECURITY
- Transport Hub, Daily +5 SUPPLY > Daily +10 SUPPLY

- Solved press enter during pop up events
- Solved Lab DNA not working proper
- Solved City Manage, some text not showing proper
- Solved Training Center not working proper
- Solved Virus Assign value not working proper
- Solved Assistant Tips not working well
- Solved Facilities HP sometime will less then 0
- Improve overall performance

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