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v1.1 Update

Posted by: Lz on steam_community_announcements November 19, 2018

**Next Update will be April 2019

New Features
- Bonus Critical Button
- Lv 2 Blue Monster, gain extra reward after kill it
- Landmarks, gain bonus effect after active 4 similar landmarks
- Logs, show all action
- Information windows, show some information for monster and player

- System upgrade, mostly on Button effect and Windows effect
- Slightly adjust UI for monster information
- Add view range visual on Player
- Add Pause/Continue game button
- Show Panel and effect after gain the Artifact
- Show more information on Objective Windows
- Improve performance for "Unknown Animal" performance
- Item Modify, Resurrect Heraldry, revive to HP 1 > revive to HP 50, WATER and FOOD is 100%
- Slightly adjust game difficulty
- Slightly reduce spawn area for monster and item

- Not allow click any thing behind the pop up
- Not allow move when game is pause
- Not allow click any thing during load game
- Not allow use empty space be player name
- Not allow pause game during fight
- Remove "Space Bar" and "Esc" key input
- Solved sound effect doing adjustment is not working instant
- Solved sound effect volume doing adjustment is not working instant
- Solved BGM not looping on root scene
- Solved some time will trigger hidden error
- Solved some time cant finish game even collect 4 artifact
- Solved some time after escape, not longer trigger fight
- Solved some status effect not showing after load game
- Solved escape button some time not working well
- Solved Day label not show in proper in 1st day
- Solved some time view range not working well
- Solved view range not working well after load game
- Solved when trigger fight during open craft windows
- Solved monster detect item not working well after load game

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Developer: Black Phoenix Studio

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