Hornet Mini-Update 2018-11-8

Posted by: NineLine on steam_community_announcements November 8, 2018


Tomorrow, Friday, November 9th we plan a hot fix that will include the following for the Hornet:

* If player uses in-game re-arm window for AGM-65E, they cannot uncage the seeker.
* After player has fired all AIM-9, AIM-9 boresight reticle remains on HUD for all AA weapons.
* AIM-9X not working correctly with unlimited weapons options
* CLIMB logic for the FPAS page.

Other fixes are also in work like radar elevation and continued unlock stuck in an 8-degree scan under some conditions.


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For next week's DCS World Open Beta update, we plan the 2nd big update of the DCS: Persian Gulf Map! Highlights of map update includes the additions of Kish Island airfield, Al Bateen airfield, Lavan Island airfield, Al Ain airfield, Bandar-e-Jask airfield, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Sas Al Nakheel airfield, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, and the Yas Viceroy with Formula 1 racetrack.

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