Egress has been released in Early Access! Launch Trailer and 15% discount

Posted by: guniball on steam_community_announcements November 8, 2018

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Egress - heroes-based PvP arena with focus on melee souls-like battles. Chose your hero with unique abilities, weapon and playstyle and fight for your team! Explore the multi-level city, capture the points, use stationary cannons, find artifacts and consumables.

  • Lore-filled alternate universe, combining the Victorian era, Lovecraft's mythology and Electro-punk.
  • The multi-level City. Explore houses, stores, bars, clinics, sewer tunnels and much more.
  • Elaborated combat system based on attacks and dodges, ability combinations, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the characters, their roles and equipment.
  • Collectible artifacts and consumables. Change the parameters of the character, use potions, grenades and block the ways with fire.

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Egress - April 17, 2019

The Lizard is the result of the Order’s experiments with ancient artifacts, but the Lizard responded to the Call on its own.

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Communication with Innsmouth island is lost, there are reports that the city is terrorized by the terrible creatures that came from the depths of the sea. The activity of the cult of the Ancients was discovered, and the special command of the Order already coming.

Developer: Fazan

Publisher: Fazan