Posted by: Les on steam_community_announcements October 27, 2018

Dryad Nairi captures Swamp Willow

Hi all,

October was very busy for us - we have been adding, improving, fixing, etc. I am happy that we can still deliver so much in so short time and enhance Age of Fear series further!

Please note that we will be increasing prices in early 2019. The economy of Steam became very hard and we need revenue to keep us afloat.

  • NEW HEADGEAR items - ca 30 new helmets, collars (beasts only) and other headcover:

  • NEW: Acid Blood: attacker also takes damage and additionally is poisoned.

  • NEW: Wasp’s Sting - bonus for Wasps attacking low-defence units.

  • NEW: Nullify Magic - improved version of Dispel Magic, additionally adds Mana Burn to target.

  • NEW: Vampiric Mist - area of effect version of life drain. Super-rare spell available only in a single unique artefact.

  • NEW: Freezing Tornado - freezing area of effect blast.

  • NEW: JOKES - all campaigns have a series of new jokes:

  • UPDATE: Java updated to Java 10.0.2 (64-bit systems only).

  • UPDATE: Magic Shield is a skill that can be switched on/off.

  • UPDATE: few improved unit portraits, e.g. Plague Rat

    Plague Rat

  • UPDATE: Channeler put back to Chaos campaign (it’s more balanced once spells were given cooldowns).

  • UPDATE: Chaos campaign all units cost gold now.

  • UPDATE: AI code has been substantially optimised and blackboard module has been introduced. Enemy AI can do coordinated attacks.

  • UPDATE: Coward can be now cured (like Permanent Wound).

  • BUGFIX: Controlling/Hypnotizing/Raising/etc unit with auto-activeable attributes (e.g. Berserker) was causing spellcaster to reset its MP.

  • BUGFIX: Ranged units with TimeShift could not target the same enemy.

  • BUGFIX: Launch script was not working for some Linux configurations.

  • BUGFIX: Deathseeker achievement not registered after winning game.


Best of all,
Les & AOF Team
Age of Fear: The Undead King

Play as either Sir Edward, a noble Knight defending the Human Kingdom, or Krill, a wicked Necromancer with an unearthly lust for power! The Age of Fear series is a deep and complex turn-based strategy (full of humour!) that fuses a tabletop wargame with RPG elements.

Developer: Leslaw Sliwko

Publisher: Age of Fear