October 23rd DLC - DARIUS COZMIC COLLECTION pack 60% off!

Posted by: degicagames on steam_community_announcements October 24, 2018

Groove Coaster fans, get ready to blast off with some classic Taito tunes from the DARIUS series!

The 4 song DLC pack, will be a fixed 60% off! Huge value saving! Get all 4 songs for $3.20!

DLC can also be purchased as singles for $1.99 a song.


The 4 songs from the DARIUS series are listed below.

  • Captain NEO -Confusion Mix- / Sampling Masters MEGA - Arrange from DARIUS
  • say PaPa re:mix / Shohei Tsuchiya (ZUNTATA) - Arrange from DARIUS II
  • COSMIC AIR WAY -Trans Mountain Express MIX- / COSIO - Arrange from DARIUS
Groove Coaster

Riding the rhythmic rails of success from smart phone, into the arcades, now GROOVE COASTER arrives on Steam! Are you ready to ride a roller coaster of sound and light through a universe of music?

Developer: TAITO CORP.

Publisher: Degica,TAITO CORP.