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Whirligig 4.64 beta release

Posted by: Whirligig on steam_community_announcements October 16, 2018

And here comes another beta. Work on different rooms and a new shortcut menu added. Probably some other stuff as well. Details below.


Rooms menu has been redesigned. Lots of new image based Rooms added. Check them out under settings/projection/rooms. Basically 15 new rooms have been added. These are based on stereo 360 degree images so aren't as dynamic as the orginals but they have been lurking in Themes for too long and needed to be properly used.

Explorer Update
'images', 'Video' and 'other' options have been added to the right so that you can limit what is displayed. Just click on each to show or remove from selection. These selections are saved and will remain the same the next time you load Whirligig.

Optimisation in all menus
Hopefully this should fix the progressive slowdown that was occurring. I'm also hoping that this will improve dropdown menu speed.

Shortcut menu

This is a new feature that allows you to bring up a shortcut menu to user defined options. This has been created to add functionality to the Oculus GO/GearVR version and improve usability overall. The shortcut menu can be mapped to the controllers like other options and the Shortcut menu buttons can be mapped in the inputs menu under settings/other/inputs. I've also updated the default options in the gamepad, keyboard and touch controllers so if you want them to be mapped to a standard key simply go in and hit default on each of the control options.

Plugins and SDK's

All the plugins, SDK's and Unity3D versions have been updated to the latest release.

I’m sure there is a load of other stuff I’ve missed and if I think of it I let you know. There has been quite a few changes in this update so if you run into bugs please let me know.

Spanish and Chinese language support
Change the language under settings/interface/languages.

This is still at it's early stages so expect it not to be perfect and some translations to be missing. I've asked my brother and a friend to do the translations so far. These will be updated more on the final release. Please let me know what you think of this, is it worth it and how I can improve it. I want to support multiple languages but it's a long process to update everything so it's taken me a while to implement. Hopefully once things slow down I'll be able to properly finalise it and increase the number of translations.

How to try the Betas

Note on replying to this message

In discussion you get a notification if someone has replied to a post but if you post at the bottom of a news feed then you don't get that notification so it can be easily to miss a reply. I check these news post regularly (mostly). If you do post here with an issue or suggestion please check manually to see if I've replied to your comment. I don't want people to think I'm ignoring them :)

And Finally

So this is a continuation of the updates that I've wanted to include. Some are still work in progress but I hope each time I update I add more features and improve the overall experience of Whirligig. I'm currently working on a version for Oculus Go and GearVR which has guided a few of my updates recently. This hasn't stopped me from added features though so I will try and update them parallel. If you're interested in trying the Oculus Go beta email me [email protected],

I hope you continue to enjoy Whirligig and happy Watching :)

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