Preparing Voltage Super Retro for release

Posted by: IcanY on steam_community_announcements October 11, 2018

Next steps

We are now preparing DLC for release.
This process will take 1-2 days.

Once game build have been completed, reviewed and approved, we are ready for realease!

We hope the release could take place on October 12 th. DLC is free for those who have bought the base game before free DLC period ends.

Once DLC has been released, you can download it from Steam and use Voltage Launcher to start Super Retro Experience (launch -icon on game menu).

Thank you for your patience!

Best regards
Voltage Development

Other Voltage News

New Features

Voltage - 22 hours ago

We have now designed a totally new kind of game menu! This menu appears when you launch Voltage and it allows you to find everything in the same place and read the latest update news. However all same information can be also found from the Steam, so purpose of this game menu is that in future you can launch DLC:s from this menu too, after you have uploaded or bought em from Steam store.

Further Back

Update 6.108 is here October 8, 2018

Incoming Update October 7, 2018

Update v.6.10 is here October 6, 2018

Incoming Update October 5, 2018

Update v.3.10: New levels, enlargements, improvements and bug fixes October 3, 2018

Incoming Update October 2, 2018

The game contains instruction manual October 2, 2018

Mission in Space [Has anyone completed the first level yet?] October 1, 2018

Manual will be uploaded soon September 30, 2018

VOLTAGE has been released! September 29, 2018

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